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The documentary

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Originating from the creation of the show, a documentary of the performance together with interviews and commentaries will contribute to the activities of the Foundation and help promote the website.

Photo courtesy of Sheila McKinnon.

Bringing the light on an artistic gesture

In following the creative aspect of the project, the film will not only reveal the lives and different cultural origins of Elizabeth Sombart and Mallika Sarabhai, but also the motivation of both these extraordinary women, who gave life to this project. The documentary will be directed by Indian filmmaker Yadavan Chandran, who, for over ten years, has captured the stories of women and the problems they face.

The purpose of the documentary

The introduction of the project and its goal; to expose, acknowledge, support, inform and testify to the unspeakable sufferings of women in the world. The access to concert halls and exposure to press articles and media reports with the aim of relaying the sessions, showing the realities and bringing some artistic beauty Fundraisingfor the project and partner NGO’s

Targeted TV and networks around the world

Arte / TV 5 Monde / CNN (Heroes) / Mezzo / Al Jazeera / Rai 3 / Vatican TV / Doordarshan.