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Women with Broken Wings, the Foundation

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We hope to give women with broken wings a space of eternal memory, homage and consolation; so that the men and women of the world never ignore nor forget the violence that inevitably led to their death.

Birth of the foundation

« After 25 years of touring the world, confidences from women who felt liberated through music nourished and amazed me, but also took me aback. I felt a call to testify, to give a name and a space of love to all those women who died, killed in anonymity but also to all those who will have their wings broken in the future. This space of love is born as a website, a sort of invisible monastery where the visible and the invisible will meet and create unity, communion, sharing, recognition, offering and consolation. » Elizabeth Sombart, President

The goals

Raise awareness

All around the world, artists of international renown perform for the benefit of local NGO’s: by staging rarely-before-seen events, we offer these organizations strong media exposure to help raise consciousness in their countries.

Share the memory

New innovations to carve into collective memory the name and the face of these women, and thus opening the way to a new, universal form of contemplation.

The Foundation's statute

Open quote The Foundation, independently from all moral, political, religious or ideological judgment, raises consciousnesses to the reality of women’s condition in the world. Close quote

Extract from founding article n°3


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