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Exclusively devoted to the cause of assassinated women, this site is a genuine space of permanent generosity. Since it is accessible by everyone, we all have a chance to educate ourselves, to share with others and to freely pay tribute to the victims.

Fundamentals of the site

Contemplation, thought and offerings are testimonials leading to awareness. The website is therefore a celestial memorial with a sky filled with stars representing the women to honor.

The memorial

mondefranceciel de francejulie letessier

Visitors are then able to search, read or create a star in tribute to a woman who was killed anonymously. It is also possible to light a star carrying an offering (an initiative) to one of the martyr women.

Offerings to a woman with broken wings

Offerings can be diverse: a donation, a prayer, a writing, a minute of the day, a concert, a pledge, an act by an organization, a message, a daily gesture, depending on one’s desire and abilities.

The stars connected

Each offering will be written down on the website along the name of the victim. Together, the stars for the women with broken wings and those of the offerings they receive reveal heavenly constellations. Users will then make a chain around a single dead woman and between the women themselves.

The Internet memorial

A place to sing the silence...

Elizabeth Sombart