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Indian premiere and sky introduction

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Indian premiere and sky introduction

Dear all, it’s a reality and the sad recent news in India strengthens us in our endeavor. It might not be just a coincidence tonight, Elizabeth Sombart and Mallika Sarabhai are premiering the show in Ahmedabad, India. For this occasion, we are finally opening the celestial memorial website.

Surpassing anger but not resigning… The people of India and around the world are uniting to oppose all violence against women. It is with mixed feelings of sadness and hope that we decided to introduce you to the subject of our work for the past year. You can now enter the sky of our celestial memorial for the women with broken wings.

This memorial is going to be one place where the names of the women we want to remember and honor will shine forever. While still in development, we already invite all of you who know an assassinated woman to light up a star in her name and join us in turning these terrifying events into a beautiful, peaceful and infinite sky.

Tonight’s performance will then take on a special significance for all of us and for you too. For the many more who will not be physically with us in a few hours, we want to let you know that we will all be marching together underneath the sky of the broken wings. We hope that you’ll feel our dance and music as we’ll feel  and know your presence.